Kids Gone Fishn’


I have amazing memories from when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Fond memories of going fishing with my brothers, there is no doubt that the walleye fishing trips shaped me into who I am today. I can’t imagine living any other way. There is something surreal about spending time on the water with the people you love.

Today I find my self enjoying the time spent with my nieces and nephews and teaching them the ropes in fishing. Regardless of catching fish, we enjoy the fresh air, the adventure that’s involved in “going fishing”! Everything from packing for the day, to the gleeful and excited anticipation I see in the kids as we head to the lake and climb aboard the big boat. I feel anytime children are out in the great outdoors instead of in front of the tv, iphone, or playing video games, it’s a positive development. I grew up exploring our amazing outdoors and I feel it’s imperative to encourage this in the next generation.

Teaching kids how to fish as well as the fundamentals of proper fish handling with respect and care is extremely important. All too often I see disrespect to sentient beings starting at a young age. No matter if it’s catch and keep to eat, or release, respect of all living creatures is a must that I teach to kids and to anyone who’s willing to learn.

It didn’t take long upon arrival to a favourite fishing spot on the lake, when the thrill of the first nibble breaks into an excited chatter as my niece and nephews crowd around one of their siblings who’s lure has hooked a fish.
Now the work begins , young muscles strain to keep their prized catch on the line as they work to reel it in. Anticipation grows as the others look on to see what has been hooked and how big it is. The kids excitement is echoed by their shrieks of joy when the fish is brought up to the surface and into my awaiting net! A quick lesson on how to unhook and safely handle the fish and then the release. Next is the exclaimed “ I’ve got one ” as one of the other children has been introduced to the thrill of fishing!

On it goes as each had their turn at reeling one in, although not everyone is lucky enough to catch a fish but the collective thrill of being on the water with their siblings is more than enough fun!

The memories made from these times and the thrill of catching their first fish hopefully will encourage them to continue in the sport and look for every opportunity to be back on the water again. No matter if it’s in a boat, on a trout stream or hiking to a back country lake with family / friends. The bottom line of fishing is getting out and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer and quality time with family and friends. We are so fortunate to live in a vast and stunning landscape with freedom to explore, and utilize all it has to offer. It’s time to make sure the next generation is properly introduced. Leave the electronics behind…bring the fishing gear and don’t forget the camera to capture the moments that will be forever cherished.
See you there! Tight lines!