Fooling a walleye to take your fake clump of feathers will serve to be a challenge, but it can be done when you present the right fly and techniques.

Here’s the gear guide to start you in the right direction for hunting ol’ eye on the fly. 

Gear Guide:
ROD: 6 , 7 or even an 8 weight 4 piece 9 foot fly rod – medium to fast action
REEL:  Smooth drag fly reel matching the rod weight with a spare spool.  
LINE:  Weighted forward, floating line that matches the rod weight (ie: 7 weight rod, you will need 7 weight line) and full sinking line (300- 350 grain) – a spare spool is handy to switch out sinking to floating. Or you can buy 2 rods and 2 reels – one for floating and one for sinking – depending on your budget.
LEADER:  I recommend 10 lb test toothy  line from Cortland lines, it’s knotless, tapered with a wire bite tippet and comes with a snap for easy fly change out – Many times walleye fly’s are eaten by pike! Prevent fly loss by using a specialized toothy  leader.  
FLY’S:  I use 1 to 3 inch streamer bait fish patterns in a wide variety of color combinations such as:  silver, white and bright green, black, blue, and chartreuse – as you explore fly’s you will find what works. Don’t forget leach and crayfish patterns in sizes 2 and 4.