Now this is the queen of fighting fish in Colombia! This stunning fish packs a powerful punch when hooked up – so be sure you have the right gear!

There are numerous varieties of PCB and locations. My experience is in Colombia via the world famous Orinoco river. 
Pictured over head is the speckled Peacock Bass (cichla temensis), often called the “tiger”. This subspecies possesses three vertical bars, as well as a series of white or pale yellow spots or broken lines, running in horizontal rows along the length to their bodies.

The world record speckled peacock bass – a 27 pound brute.
Many experienced peacock anglers believe that they are the most powerful of the subspecies. I certainly experienced all the variety’s of PCB and the specked is indeed the hardest fighting of them all!

REDD’s Gear Guide

Here is a break down of what we used on our Colombian expedition :

ROD: 8wt and 9 wt rods are perfect – You want them fast enough and stiff enough to handle big fly’s, and sinking line.

We used the ultimate rods in power and strength – the new Thomas and Thomas Exocett

REEL: You want a smooth drag and large arbour reel for these fish. Should have the capability to hold the line and 100 yards of + 20lb backing .

I used Abel 9/10 super series and Ross Reels in Evolution R .

LINE: We used short tapered Cortland TROPICAL floating lines and sinking.  I  use “Tropic Compact” line.

LEADERS:  20lb test flouro , bimini twist knot, ending in coated wire 25 lb test leader from Cortland.

FLIES:  “pike type” 8-9 inch fly Red and white fly’s are the ticket for Orinoco PCB


Other essentials :

  • Pliers
  • Nippers
  • Big spray
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • dry bag / water proof back pack
  • extra fly line with sinking tips 
  • spare spool
  • Back up rod – this goes for every fishing adventure
  • maps / radio
  • River sandals, Hiking boots 
  • Sun buff
  • Stripping gloves / Sun gloves
  • UV Quick dry shirts / Quick dry pants  – Don not wear shorts due to biting bugs!
  • UV water filter
  • Leatherman multi tool






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