Pygocentrus natterei , serrasalmus rhombeus, of the characidae family


They’re mean, fast and extremely deadly!  The teeth and jaw power of these little demons are not to be underestimated!  You can catch these on the fly – the same flies work for peacock bass. More or less these guys can be caught on the same equipment.


Holding a Red Piranha on the Orinoco River, Colombia 



ROD: 7 wt or 8 wt will do just fine ,  you can go lighter , but the waters that these toothy little beasts are in also contain some powerful sport fish like the peacock bass, pacu and more.    

REEL: Smooth drag and large arbour for good stopping power and quick line pick up. 

LINE:  Use tropical floating line to match the rod wt. 

LEADER: This will be the same set up you’d want to use for  peacock bass. 

FLY: Red and white flies work really well…anything that could look like bleeding does well. 

Most fly’s and even top water poppers are attacked by the piranhas. Flashy fly’s (crystal flash,  rubber legs, plenty of movement are readily taken by these fish), they will mutilate a fly, so make sure your fly box is fully supplied. 

1 inch to 4 inch in length. Same flies you’d use for PCB. 


OTHER:  Make sure you have long nosed pliers / forceps. Absolutley do not put your fingers in the mouth!!  

The biting power of the Piranha :