My favorite freshwater fish on the fly! I openly admit I’ve been pike obsessed since a teen. 

Pike come dressed for the part….. perfectly camouflaged, greedy appetite, and keen eye sight for prey, and whenever you hook a pike, you’re bound to see fantastic leaps and explosive energy unrivaled amongst freshwater fish.

Where pike inhabit the waters….Look for under water structure such as boulders, rock piles, weed lines and man made structure…and be ready for a strike. Don’t forget to strip-strike!

REDD’s Gear Guide

ROD: Thomas & Thomas Fly Fishing SOLAR or Exocett 8 wt, 9wt, or 10 weight fly rod

Reel:  A large arbour reel with smooth drag is essential for big trophy pike.  Reel should hold at least 100 yards of gel spun backing plus fly line.  I use Abel super series in 9/10 and the Ross Evolution R.  No matter what reel you use – just be sure it’s capable of handling big fish.


LineCORTLAND Fly line specialty  floating line , and I also recommend COMPACT SINK /  or Quick decent  line in 250 – 350 grain for deeper water.


Leader:  Wire coated SST leader from Cortland  20 lb to 45 lb test .  Link :

Another excellent wire leader is MUSTAD  titanium wire with a heavy duty snap for easy fly connection.

Fly’s : I use 6 to 10 inch fly’s – some matching bait fish like perch, and some are just crazy colors that work and it really matches nothing natural! 


Other essentials:

  • Sunglasses by: Costa Sunglasses – amber lens
  • SPF Bandana: Hoo-Rag
  • Rain Gear –  rain or shine a trophy pike awaits – Realtree  makes amazing rain gear
  • Sungloves: Simms Fishing Products
  • Pliers and nippers : I use both from Abel Reels
  • Jaw spreaders should be in the boat – just in case the fly is difficult to remove
  • PFD from Onyx Outdoor Gear
  • Excellent water proof boots by KEEN – I wear Durand waterproof hikers
  • Waders / rubber bottom wading boots – river fishing, to cold weather days on the lake – waders should be a part of the essentials.