TNT Rods ~ Hand crafted in the USA since 1969.

Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods is a company that stands upon a long history of quality and elegance in the fly fishing world.   Under new vision with Neville Orsmond at the helm and working alongside company founder Tom Dorsey, Neville and team continue creating the world’s finest fly rods. Using Quattro Matrix technology, and uncompromising quality , Thomas and Thomas has harnessed increased strength , power , strong but light rods with unmatched tracking and accuracy.     

As an advisor for Thomas and Thomas I am always testing out the rods on my adventures and giving feed back to the our builders/designers. We all collaborate as a team and continue to strive and create the best fly rods in the world, that come with a LIFETIME warranty. I am proud to join forces with the amazing people of TNT.


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