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Pursuing the fish of the True North is a never ending story for me, and it’s still amazing even in the heat of  Late summer.  When the wonderful crew from Old Post Lodge extended the invite to come fish their trophy waters, it was a definitive yes!

We loaded up my boat and truck and headed west to Pickle lake Ontario, then on wards to Lake St. Joseph. A great drive with plenty of opportunity to see wild life of the true north.

For guests wanting to stay at this lodge, there is no need to bring your own boat. They provide a boat and motor , and pick you up via boat at the main land launch and then it’s a 10 min boat ride across the lake to the lodge. 


Lodge Website:

Catching these monsters are a challenge either on fly or conventional lures.  Here are my Gear guides for both:

Here is my conventional GEAR GUIDE (with links )

Rods: Okuma 8’6 EVX Musky Rod – Med-fast action, extra heavy 

( Link:

Reels: Okuma Citrix Ci-364LX – Baitcaster & Okuma Epixor xt 40 spinning reel

Citrix reel : 

&  Epixor:

 Line: Braid in 40 lb test – I used Mustad WISH Braid 


 Leader: Wire coated Leader in 40 – 50 lb test – I used Mustad leaders with swivel and snap :


Lures that worked with great success:

Savage gear 3D Burbot – size small – blue colour –
Savage gear 3D Rad – size small – white colour  –
Savage gear 3D Roach Shine glide – size small  –





ROD:  9 wt fast action rod – I use Thomas and Thomas Exocett SS Pike rod

REEL:  Matching large arbour reel with super smooth drag –  Abel Reel Super Series 9/10

LINE:  Strong short tapered belly for casting huge fly’s : I use floating and full sink CORTLAND  LINE matching 9 wt rod 



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