Not a goldfish!  This gorgeous creature is a chunk of pure gold with shimmering scales and hues of emerald green.  We nymphed for these in Tiger Fish waters – how they survive I’ll never know. They are extremely spooky (obviously what keeps them savvy/ alive) and it’s similar to sight casting to tailing bone fish on the flats.   They stay to the sides of the sandy shallows eating water bugs and more.  They are glorious and challenging to fish for.  Hooking one is rewarding as they are not easy.  I lucked out and hooked and landed mine on the 1st try.  😀

Tanzania Yellowfish ( Labeobarbus sp. – unidentified )


ROD: I used a 5 wt Thomas and Thomas rod

REEL:  Matching to the rod : 5 / 6 Abel reel

LINE: Floating line from Cortland,  I used a tropical line as the heat was high in Tanzania. 

LEADER:  I used a standard tapered leader with 4X fluorocarbon tippet.


FLY: #12 Zak nymphs with a hot orange bead, and nearly any same sized nymph with a hot orange bead will work great for these fish!


OTHER: They take incredibly subtly – so that “tick” you see in the line was the fish tasting the fly…. Be ready to set  (gently) as you high stick the line thru the feeding zone , or use an indicator.