Mahi Mahi, Dorado, dolphin fish on the fly.


Let’s get started.


ROD: (I use Thomas and Thomas and recommend them)  10 wt fast action rod,  for smaller Dorado, and  you can go up to 12 wt  for the big brutes. 

There are so many large species to catch on the fly while fishing for Mahi Mahi – it’s best to be well prepared.

REEL: A heavy duty salt water reel like Abel’s SDS (Sealed drag) reel is best

LINE: 400yds of backing and a full sinking shooting head will complete the offshore outfit.


Leaders also must be up to the task of flinging big flies and landing big fish. There aren’t many commercially available pre-packaged leaders that will do the job, so it is best to bring spools of leader material and either tie your own or let the guides tie them for you. For beach fishing a short, 6-7 foot fluorocarbon leader with a 40# butt section tapered down to a 20# tippet is perfect.

FLY:  Large mullet flies are key. They are approx. 8 to 12 inches in length  white , silver and some brown. 



As most of the fishing is highly visual in nature, a good pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. Dark and mirrored lenses that help filter out the bright sun will keep your eyes comfortable so you can spot fish. They will also help if an errant cast happens to put that 5/0 saltwater hook a little close to your face.