The Brook Trout we chase are on average 5 lb to 8 lb with some weighing more.  The gear I am using is obviously not for the petite stream BT’s  😉

REDD’s GEAR GUIDE for Brook Trout :

ROD:  6, or 7 wt,  9 ft, 4 piece fly rod –  medium to fast action

REEL: The reel should match the rod, and it’s strongly recommended to have a quality smooth drag.  The reel should have a large enough arbor to hold the fly line plus 100 yards of gel spun 20-30 lb backing.  

LINE: A good quality 7 wt, weighted forward floating line is a must – I use Cortland fly lines. 

LEADER: There are tapered, pre-made cold water leaders available at any fly shop.  To extend the life of the tapered leader, have a spool of 1x and 2x tippet material to tie on when your store bought leader becomes too short.   
10 – 15 lb test tapered leaders are recommended, depending on location and average fish size.  



You can use a variety of flies and tube flies.   Streamers work well, stone flies, (I like the stone flies with a bright orange bead head), egg sucking leach, wooly bugger, clousers,

A fly with contrasting colors is almost a must in stained water.



 – Forceps/ fishing pliers/ nippers for line 
– A rubber coated net to land the fish in (please don’t bank your fish) 
– A trash bag (if you see trash / old fishing line, please help keep our rivers clean (even when others don’t) 

– Layers of clothing – never underestimate the weather – come prepared. 

– Back pack (to stash all your day gear)  I recommend water proof pack from the brand fishpond.

– SPF buff (bandana) – those days on the water in the sun and wind can take it’s toll on the skin, a buff deflects most of the UV’s.   

– Polarized sunglasses – in amber lens 

– Dull colored hat – no bright colors to spook the fish.