GEAR GUIDE:  Bone Fish on the fly

Albula vulpes are considered to be among the world’s premier fly game fish and are highly sought after by anglers.


March/ April /May are prime times to visit the salty Bahamian waters for Bonefish.


Ask most fishermen about saltwater fishing and chances are they’ll start talking about bonefish.   Primarily caught for sport and are not commonly eaten, these fish are a power house of fun on the fly!


In my travels for filming, I’ve had great opportunities to chase world class 8 to 11 lb bone fish. Here are my recommendations for fly gear.


Rods: 7 or 8 weight fast action rods. I use Thomas and Thomas Exocett saltwater rods Remember to bring 2 rods on your trip.

Reels: Matching reel of 7 or 8 wt with high quality seal drag, built by reputable manufactures such as Abel  SDS reels (Super series in red pictured below).

Lines:  Outfit rigs with weighted forward floating saltwater “tropical” line for shallow water / flats bonefish, I use and highly recommend Cortland line 


Leaders: Tropical 10 – 12 foot tapered leader ranging from 10 to 16 pound test. Be sure to use salt water / tropical leader due to the heat. I use leaders from


Flies : Popular flies are “gotchas”, “crazy charlies”, mantis shrimp , crab patterns, for flats fishing, and clouser minnows for deeper water .