As I have a bit of time on this grey snowy day, I find my self starring down the barrel of a new website….My travels demand it, and thankfully I have a few hours to dedicate to updating and posting my 1st blog post!  No doubt full of spelling errors! 😉   This site is dedicated to my endless love of life on the fly. I share it with, the reader/ viewer in hopes it inspires to get out there and explore this precious planet, before it’s all gone.  The rate in which our species is destroying our earth, I’m not sure anymore of our clean future.   Sounds depressing, yes, but it’s fact and the more people who discover our gorgeous planet, it’s deep green countries to it’s harsh dry desserts, the more you will understand 1st hand how vast, wide and amazing she is…mother earth await you.  And, if you’re unable to travel to those places ,  bI hope you will enjoy thgis  site as I develope it for your eyes to see and live through.


Blessings from my heart to yours  – Rebekka Redd , signing off from my 1st Blog post ( a long over due site / blog ) .

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