Acclaimed traveling fly angler,  Thomas and Thomas fly rods advisor Rebekka Redd is in pursuit of fish all around the world.  Miss Redd holds nearly 20 years (starting as a kid) of storytelling and fly fishing experience from around the globe.  
She photographs, writes, and even paints her passion – fish.

Her life long obsession are big northern pike and holds her personal best pike of 51 inches – on the fly. 

Rebekka has been featured as a world renowned fly angler in MENS JOURNAL magazine June 2018 – Covering her and her teams adventures in fly fishing in Colombia. 

Other features include:

Womens Health Oct 2017, crowned top 10 female angler in the world. 




Rebekka is a duel citizen. She began her traveling career in film and film making via award winning Country Music Television (CMT) music videos that were filmed all over the map,  the much loved Canadian drama “Heartland”, History Channels BIO series and many other projects  – acting/directing/script writing to cinematography are passions of hers, and she combines it into her life of fly fishing.


She has hosted and directed numerous award winning fishing television shows, and has hosted countless fishing television series on the OUTDOOR Channel, World Fishing Network, PBS,  WILD TV, Sportsman Channel,  she has hosted/ emceed the Fly Fishing Film Tour internationally and filmed with talented fly fishing film makers such as RA Beattie, Jako Lucas and more.

Aside her ongoing work with Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods, Abel Reels/Ross Reels, and more  Rebekka worked with travel company Yellowdog fly fishing adventures , as a travel ambassador.
She is sponsored by the world renowned Alumacraft Boats  and is an ambassador for Realtree, Mustad, Pelican, Fishpond and more.  She is also the ambassador for CFmoto ATV’s. 

She owns & operates a non-profit animal rescue, is an active member of her local steelhead association (working in conservation, protection and educating the public on protecting our wild fish)  Trout Unlimited, Wild Mustang Foundation, and the Canadian Horse Coalition. She is a founding ambassador for the Able Women fly fishing team, and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.   She is CEO and founder of North Shore Women’s Fly Fishing Association. 

When Rebekka isn’t in a remote jungle water way, or fishing salt water flats,  she’s stalking big pike in her home waters of Ontario, Canada.  Rebekka guides and hosts trips  when her schedule allows.

“When I was 8 yrs old I was introduced to fishing via my eldest brother.  There was no doubt that at that time I started my passion of fishing. I picked up my 1st fly rod at about age 14, and then I knew I had found the one true love in my life.  My fly rod has been the gateway to my soul – it has taught me about the depths of who I am,  it’s been my shrink, and it’s been my parachute!  Most of all it’s been my addiction.  

My fly fishing “addiction” has helped me heal over loss of loved ones , including my eldest brother , to helping me inspire others to live life fully and to pursue their passions.”  

Gracefully juggling the roles of fly angler, adventurer, outdoor television host & director, writer, photographer, fishing guide, conservationist, equestrian, ranch hand, chief cook and bottle washer….

From tiny local streams to remote jungle waterways, Rebekka has been there with both fly rod and camera , and she loves to share the knowledge and experience she gains along the way.

“I believe I was born with a love for water, the outdoors, and fishing. By the time I could walk, I was mesmerized by the creek that flowed along my family’s farm, and the frogs, minnows and bugs that inhabited there. 
These days  I  fish beyond NorthAmerica, in freshwater / saltwater systems around the world. I really enjoy the waters of the Orinoco River in Colombia. It’s rogue water system is intensely filled with fish, especially peacock bass.”

Her work is published globally, and she has been featured on over 20 front covers.

Growing up on a small farm with two older brothers and her parents, she learned to value what matters most. Family is of utmost importance. Her eldest brother, who was her mentor, and fishing partner, died tragically when she was a teenager. During that time she took up fly fishing on her own, and over the years fly fishing, her strong faith in God, and being outdoors has helped heal her heart. Today, Rebekka fishes in memory of her beloved brother.

Born of Scandinavian blood, her mother a well known healer of animals and people aka “Dr. Dolittle”,  is a practicing shaman/minister of the ancient viking tribes of Finland/Norway.  

Rebekka’s church has always been the great outdoors, creating a deep connection between God and mother earth. Her core faith stems from her upbringing – from Scandinavian to Cree first nations and she combines the ancient worlds into her life.

Rebekka is a competitive martial artist – and holds 2nd dan black belt in TKD – training internationally and in Europe.
She enjoys traditional form with her weapon of choice.

When Rebekka is home she can be found tending to the animals  on her little cozy farm in the woodlands, and spending time with her family.   Her other main passion are her motorcycles,  She rides  almost everyday of open road season after fishing.

With out a doubt, Rebekka’s sense of humour, humility, great outlook on life, her winding life path and tireless passion for film, photography, fly fishing, faith, family and the outdoors continue to shape her success.



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